Bought a metal machining company in Asheboro

Eight years ago, Rick Powell and three partners bought a metal machining company in Asheboro that opened in 1960 when textiles were the heart of the Piedmontís economy.

Now, the textile business has pretty much evaporated, and Powellís company, Pemmco Manufacturing, has expanded its already solid business by looking toward a growth industry ó it makes parts for the Triadís aerospace industry.

First, Honda Aircraft brought worldwide publicity to the region when it chose Greensboro to build its new HondaJet. That image persists even though it wonít deliver the first jet until 2015.

And Haeco, formerly TIMCO, is one of the leading airline maintenance and overhaul companies in the world.

That international polish has already branded Greensboro as an aviation hub.

Now, a group called NC Aerospace wants to make sure the big companies donít grab all the headlines.

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