Propane Motor Fuel & Forklift Safety
Lift trucks powered by propane are in wide use across numerous businesses. Propane lift trucks are normally found in warehouses and distribution centers performing a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Propane fuel has several unique factors when utilized in a workplace. It is important to always follow safety practices and procedures when utilizing this machine.

Lift trucks can be powered by gasoline, electric, diesel or propane. Propane-powered units are the most commonly purchased and used type, for several very good reasons. Propane is a clean-burning fuel, that means it produces a lot less engine exhaust compared to gasoline and diesel. Regardless of the kind of fuel being used to operate the lift truck, smoking must be avoided when operating and the unit must not be used near an open flame. The propane is normally stored in a fuel tank, which needs to be changed out when empty. It is really essential for the operator to check that the tank is fastened securely in place prior to starting the engine.

Propane is extremely cold and can lead to serious burns if it comes in contact with skin. It is critical that safety precautions be followed when the unit is being refueled and when changing out an empty tank. Smoking is forbidden in the fueling area. Fueling must never be done near an open flame or ignition source. The driver has to wear personal protective equipment when fueling or changing the tank. Full eye protection is really vital. Thick gloves need to be worn so as to protect the skin from exposure to propane.

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