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Cary Forklift Parts - Cary City, in North Carolina is located within Wake County and in parts of Chatham County. The city is considered to be a suburb of Raleigh City. Cary is the second largest municipality of Wake County and is the third biggest, behind Raleigh and Durham, within the Triangle. The town's population has boomed during the past decade, increasing by 43 percent. It has grown from roughly 94,500 individuals in 2000 to approximately 135,200 by the year 2010. The city of Cary is among the fastest growing municipalities within the United States. It is the largest town and seventh largest municipality in the state of North Carolina.

The region is known as "The Triangle" because of the Research Triangle Park (or also called RTP) created there in 1959. Three major research universities - UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and Duke University - are situated in The Triangle. The cities of Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham make up the three most important research cities of RTP. The Triangle is bordered on three sides by Durham City and is halfway between the cities of Raleigh and Chapel Hill. The city of Cary is situated beside The Triangle within the Piedmont region. The north and west edges of the town are bordered by RTP.

The Jordan Lake area is located to the west of Cary. This mountainous town has a humid subtropical type of weather, with hot summer temperatures which could reach more than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Wintertimes are mild with an average of seven inches of snow. The town has a total area of 43.5 square miles, according to the Census Bureau of the United States.

The city of Cary was first settled in 1750, when it was originally referred to as Bradford's Ordinary. The area became a main transportation route, after the North Carolina Railroad arrived in the mid 1800s. The first settlers were Allison Francis Page together with his wife, Catherine Raboteau Page. A farmer and lumberman from Wake County, Page bought land in 1854 and called it Cary to honor the past congressman of Ohio and prohibitionist, Samuel Fenton Cary. When the town was officially incorporated in 1871, Page became its very first mayor.

Utilized for outdoor recreation; the city of Cary has several parks, comprising MacDonald Woods Park, Sears Farm Road Park, Annie L. Jones Park, Fred G. Bond Metro park and White Oaks Park. The Hemlock Bluffs State Natural Area is a well-known destination area. MacGregor Downs Lake, Holiday Acres Lake and Hoffman Lake are fantastic locations used for fishing and water sports. Every year the Town of Cary hosts various events and festivals such as Art Quilt Show, Spring Daze Arts & Crafts Festival and Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamfest.

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