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North Carolina Forklift Parts - North Carolina is situated in the Southeastern USA. This state borders Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north and Georgia and South Carolina to the south. There are 100 counties within North Carolina. The biggest city is Charlotte and the capital city is Raleigh. North Carolina's financial system has undergone some changes in the last five decades. They have diversified, changing their reliance on tobacco and furniture to an emphasis on finance, biotechnology and engineering.

Within the state of North Carolina, there are several different elevation changes. Mount Mitchell is the highest point within the state and within the Eastern part in the United States. The peak of the mountain towers 6684 feet or 2037 m above sea level. The coastal plains in the east are strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the state lies within a humid subtropical type of weather. The western portion of North Carolina is over three hundred miles from the coast. This mountainous part has a subtropical highland weather.

During the time between the years 2008 and 2009, North Carolina was the 8th fastest growing state based on population within the USA and as well, was the fastest growing state east of the Mississippi River.

In accordance to the Bureau of Economic Analysis figures, the state of North Carolina gross state product was more than four hundred billion dollars during 2008. The ranked the state as the 9th best GDP in the US. The 2007 personal income per capita was $33,735, placing it 36th within the country.

North Carolina gives agricultural outputs consisting of tobacco, poultry and eggs, milk, cattle, soybeans, sweet potatoes, nursery stock and hogs. Recently, the state has been affected by industrial growth and off-shoring in nations such as China. Approximately 1 in 5 manufacturing jobs has been lost to competition from abroad.

The growth of the urban and rural areas of the state of North Carolina has been a lot different. A lot of the smaller towns in the state has gone through job loss and population reduction. Nevertheless, the bigger cities of Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh have seen good growth in both economy and population during the past thirty years. A lot of the state's small towns traditionally developed around furniture and textile factories. As soon as these factories closed and moved to low-wage markets in Asia and Latin America, the small towns which depended on them suffered significantly.

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