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Fayetteville Forklift Parts - The North Carolina Fayetteville City is situated within the south-central part of the state at the site of Fort Bragg. The city of Fayetteville is about one hour from the state capital Raleigh. Fayetteville serves as the county seat of Cumberland County.

Located about twelve miles northwest of the city is the major U.S. Army installation called Fort Bragg. There are thousands of elite paratroopers that are deployed from there on missions around the world. Initially a field artillery base during World War I, Fort Bragg became the training ground for the nation's Airborne Divisions during WWII.

There are a lot of major roads going through Fayetteville City, comprising Interstates I-295 and I-95, U.S. Routes 310, 401 and 13, and North Carolina State Highways 24, 53, and 87. The city of Fayetteville is serviced by a local airport with flights to Philadelphia, Charlotte and Atlanta, among other cities.

Scottish immigrants first settled in the area of Fayetteville in 1739. In the year 1783, the early Cross Creek and Campbellton settlements merged to form the city of Fayetteville. The name of the town was used to honor a the Marquis de Lafayette, Revolutionary War hero. Previously North Carolina Capital (1789-1793), the city of Fayetteville lost out to Raleigh in its efforts to become the permanent state capital. Fayetteville endured obstacles twice during its history, once during 1831 when The Great Fire destroyed much of the city, including the original State House. Then for a second time, in the Civil War, the city of Fayetteville was destroyed by General Sherman's Union troops when they burned the Confederate arsenal there. Despite these calamities numerous structures have been preserved in the historic districts of Fayetteville.

Numerous individuals are employed at Fort Bragg. The United States Army installation's economic impact numbers in the billions every year. Manufacturing is important to Fayetteville's financial system. There are businesses that manufacture automotive products, tools and tires. Other important employment sectors are education, health care, accommodation, food services, government and construction.

The Fayetteville workforce consists of numerous former military workers. A lot of the city's jobs need a degree in college like for example teachers, registered nurses, manufacturing and wholesale sales representatives, computer specialists, human and social service assistants, social workers, education administrators, and management analysts. The civilian population works mainly in four employment categories: office and sales jobs, professional and related professions, production, transportation and material moving jobs and financial, management and business.

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