Should not have to pay companies

Should not have to pay companies

Those who back the shift in North Carolina's program say the state should not have to pay companies – whether they be movie makers or machine parts manufacturers – to locate here, and at the least should put limits on what had been an unlimited liability for the treasury. But film producers, studio executives, recruiters and those who work in and around the industry, say a change in the program will drain away a base of jobs and intellectual capital built over decades and force typically well-paid, blue-collar workers to make hard decisions about their future.

"I hate to see that 4,200 people are scrambling for their lives," Orr said.

North Carolina has regularly served as the backdrop for movies since the 1980s when movies like "Firestarter" and "Dirty Dancing" were filmed in the state, often with the state's ocean-to-the-mountains geography serving as a stand in for different parts of the country or, as in the case of the recently released "Tusk" by Kevin Smith, other countries. In the beginning, varied scenery, a friendly climate and skilled workers were enough to attract productions.

But around the year 2000, states started to set aside money to lure the business.

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